Mobile browsing improvement and https correction.

A minor addition to the page headers now allows the site to render substantially better on mobile devices by improving the font size.

Also, a recent change in Chrome prevented keys from being negotiated with the server, thus the https version of the site was unloadable in Chrome. This issue is now resolved.

Forums removed!

Well, due to unpopular demand and the developer of the forum software pushing out an important security fix, I decided to save myself some time and close the forums. Only one person ever signed up.

This is probably for the best because it keeps the site simple and focused on just providing content.

Introducing the forums!

Along with the shiny new blog, we’ve now also got forums! Yeah!

The intent is that the forums be different from other forums in that it should foster a community for open and civil discussions on varying viewpoints on the documents  the presents. It is not intended to be a place that pushes a specific viewpoint.

As of now, the forums are empty, but please: make an account, click ‘Notify’ in each board (there are only 5) so that when someone posts, you will receive and email and hopefully some discussions can take place.

These documents represent the founding legal premise for the United States, and it is important for people to get together and discuss them – civilly.